Friday, 4 August 2017

I wonder?

These past weeks I have had the privilege to work with these guys, this is about the space questions we were thinking about. leave a good comment hope you like it

My speech

Why you should come to school?

So my topic for today is why you should come to school?

Kids, they think school is just a thing you can run away from or ignore, well you can’t because school is like a part of your life.  I mean who would want to stay home. Like my teacher says “you stay at home doing nothing, you roam around with no money.  Look how many things you could do at school have a full conversation about life, play touch or held if you have a referee and a mouth guard.

Waking up in the morning and thinking if you should or shouldn’t come to school, I mean before you think about if you're coming or not just think about kids who can’t read and would love to go school. Even kids who just can't afford the things they need for school or uniforms.  Those are things kids don't think about they think school is for free.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Space game reflection

In Term 2 the year 7&8 Extension group had to create a game about space, me and my group made the game with scratch. Our first attempt for our game was another space invaders game but the coding was very difficult. So we thought of making a maze game so we did but most of the coding was hard. So we stated of with a easy level it was just to get through the maze.The next level this was the level we had to think about the most because we had to make our sprite shoot our enemies that was the hardest bit out of all of them but we manage to get it done.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Immersion Assembly

Today was the first day of term 3 as I  walk past the school hall a ufo popped  out of nowhere.  Can you guess what our topic is for this term?…. Guardians of the Galaxy, as I sat down waiting for the first item to come up the lights went out… as Mr Jacobson fought with the aliens we all sat their in laughter and excitement waiting for the aliens to pop out.  BOOM!

The first item was by team 1 they were learning about  the solar system.  This item was about six teachers that left to outer space  to wander around the solar  system this was a very well played out. Their focus is about all the other planets like mars, the sun, the moon and the other planets.
Team 2's focus for this term is about the sun and moon.  And how they can learn more about those two planets and what other interesting facts and thing.  Their item started with a voice singing and miss nalder dancing with a shark helmet.

Team 3’s focus was about time and seasons, it was based on the days of their lifs and how time in space and in earth, the seasons are earth's time this one was the most informative out of all. Also Team 4’s focus was about can humans survive on other planets.  Their item started with an interesting hook the astronauts were guided by Pt England hackers.  Last of all team 5’s item, as the stars of Pt England walked up the stage we were all waiting for miss Judd to sing. WOW! Team 5’s focus was about what does the impact of the moon have.

Which was the most entertaining? Team 5
Which was most Informative? Team 3
What are looking forward to? Is to try new things this term